Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to help as many producers and creators create, protect and multiply their wealth outside of Wall Street.

The life you want, the marriage you want, the family that you want are determined and fueled by your ability to produce and create value for the world.

Producers and Creators are the sources of all value on this planet

Our elite wealth strategies are built on principles and philosophy that include proven systems and processes to create, protect, and multiply wealth through alternative cashflow strategies Outside of Wall Street.

We believe by serving the helpers, it will not only strengthen their families but also their communities and the world.

Your Cashflow Coach

M.C. Laubscher

M.C. Laubscher is a wealth strategist, educator, and cashflow coach. He is the creator and the host of the popular and top-rated business and investing podcast, Cashflow Ninja and President of Producers Wealth, a wealth creation firm helping clients in 50 states implement holistic wealth creation strategies.

His purpose is to help producers and creators create, protect and multiply their wealth in ANY Economy and market. His mission is to help producers and creators achieve financial freedom as soon as possible so that they can live their legacy today, on their terms.

M.C. challenges existing societal belief systems and misinformation around concepts such as money, saving, investing, wealth and retirement.

Cashflow Coaches

Hoan Thai

Hoan Thai is a Philadelphia-based real estate investor with three main focuses. His foremost specialty is acquiring cash-flowing investment properties in gentrifying neighborhoods; such properties generate strong income while retaining significant long-term appreciation potential. Hoan is also a lender that provides real estate investors acquisition and construction loans for their investment projects. Finally, Hoan concentrates on designing life insurance policies for real estate investors and business owners. He leverages life insurance as a way to provide his clients tax benefits, asset protection, compounding wealth, retirement income & a family banking system that enables the acquisition of additional assets